Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yikes! Has it really been that long?

Time keeps moving and I can't quite keep up! I'm feeling like I'm always two steps behind.  Sadly my blog has suffered from the lack of time and well it hasn't gotten any attention.  I so badly want to keep it up to date because this is my scrapbook, journal, baby books for the kids and all of my best memories.  So I hope to get back to a weekly post.  Starting now!  :). 

Mya is almost 10 months old now and Landon is 27 months.   These two are the best of friends and honestly play so well together... Most of the time;)!  Last night I was putting Mya to bed and Landon followed me into her room.  After I layed her down I told Landon it was time to go.  He said "you  go momma!"  I told home to get out again and walked to the door.  I got to the door and turned around just in time to see him peeking into her crib and say "goodnight sweetheart".  My heart melted!  I love how much he loves his little sister.