Sunday, October 20, 2013

Share Walk 2013

On Saturday joined with family we walked in our third Share Walk for Remembrance in memory of our amazing angel, Paige.  Ill never forget our first Share walk.  Paige's death was still fresh and our hearts were empty.  We felt defeated and scared.  We walked in memory of our daughter yet we were also awaiting the arrival of our son.  We were two parents who were frightened beyond belief that we would bury a second child.  Our second walk we had Landon safe and sound in our arms and had just found out that Mya was on the way.  This year we had both of our blessings with us as we celebrated the short life of their big sister.  It's amazing how far we have come since that first year.  God has blessed us beyond our dreams and we are so thankful to Share for having this walk each year so that our family can always honor our first born, our sweet girl, our Paige Jordan!  Here's a few pictures from this years walk...
We love you Paige!  We will never forget you sweetheart!  We would walk a thousand miles to hold you in our arms again!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15th

Well today didn't go quite as planned.  I'm at home sick in bed:(!  We didn't get to go to the candlelight service like we planned for National infant and pregnancy loss awareness day.  We had really wished to be there but I'm not feeling well at all.  Instead we stayed home and lit our candle in our own family room.  

This day never gets easier in fact I would venture to say it gets harder.  Each year it becomes more and more of a reality that we have a daughter in heaven and she's not coming back.  It's a hard thing to swallow but its our reality.  With every new experience with Landon and Mya we realize all the wonderful things we missed out on with Paige.  While its easy to let your mind wander and think about "what if" it's important that we just continue to trust in Jesus and know that Paige is in good hands and we will see her again some day.  Thank you for sending me your pictures of the candles you lit in Paige's honor!  We continue to be amazed by the love we feel from family and friends! 

Here's our candle for our sweet Paige!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Month of Angels

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance month.  It's the month we remember our sweet angels that left us way too soon!  Believe me we don't need a month to remember our Paige but it is nice to have a month where the rest of the world remembers our sweet girl!  The 15th is the official day of remembrance.  At 7:00 pm we light candles so that across the world lights can be seen in heaven!  This year Pat and I will attend a service with our support group.  I'm looking forward for the chance for all of our attention to be focused on Paige.  My heart needs it!  Then on the 19th we will participate in the Walk for Remembrance in honor of Paige!  I love that our families put aside their busy schedules for our little girl!  It means the world to us and does wonders in healing our hearts.  I can't believe we will have two kids in our stroller this year at the walk!  How far we have come in three years!  This is our third walk... The first year it was just Pat and I, the second year we had Landon and now this year we are so blessed to have both Landon and Mya!  Paige definitely played a big part in that!  If you have an extra minute this month... Send a kiss Paige's way... Believe me she'll send one right back!

4 Months

Poor Mya!  She totally has 2nd (3rd) child syndrome!  Life is too busy for this mama to document her first year.  Her fourth month came and went and I never took an official picture.  I feel awful!  I have pictures of her fourth month just not one by her chalkboard.  Our little lady is getting so big and is growing like a weed!  A weed we love with all our hearts!  At her four month checkup she was in the 75th percentile for height and the 15th percentile for weight!  She's long and lean!  

Here's our very happy girl!  We love you Mya Paige!

She's starting to sit up like a big girl!  She's a strong little thing.  (Takes after her mommy... Ha!)

All smiles because the Cardinals won!  Miss Mya had a mild case of thrush this month.  Hence the white on her tongue:(