Saturday, September 22, 2012


Last night the whole family headed to St. Mary's High School for the football game. My dad has announced the games at St. Mary's for many years. We had the alumni room reserved and had a huge pizza party and we celebrated my niece, Isabel's birthday. The kids had a fabulous time. With it being a birthday party my sis in law brought balloons. Green and white balloons (St. Mary's colors). She also brought one pink balloon for Paige. So sweet of her to always be thinking of our angel. At the end of the night after a dragon victory we snapped a picture of ALL the cousins, even Paige. This picture just makes my heart melt because you'll notice Landon going after the pink balloon! I can only imagine if Paige was here... Landon would love holding on to his big sister!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9 Month Pictures

In my last post I gave a little preview of Landon's 9 month photo shoot that my friend, Tara, did for us.  Tara is actually a first grade teacher, but she doubles as an outstanding photographer.  She so generously took these pictures for us and we just picked them up today!  I love them all!  There are 44 pictures in all!!!!  I won't bore you with all of them... I do realize that Pat and I (ok and Grandma and MiMi) are probably the only ones who want to ooh and aah over all 44 pictures.  So here are a few of my favorites!

When did he get so big?????

Monday, September 10, 2012

9 Months

Well, it's official!  Landon has officially been outside of me longer than he was in me!!!  Yay!!  I can't believe we've had him with us for 9 full months.  What a blessing!  It feels like just yesterday we lost his big sister and yet our little man is growing so much and becoming quite the wild man!  It's impossible to describe the love of a mother, yet if you are a mother you completely understand.... I love this sweet boy more than any words could ever describe.  He brings us pure joy everyday!  I can't look at him without smiling and knowing that each day is a gift from God and what a gift Landon truly is! 

Landon has been a busy, busy boy this month.  I can't believe how much he changes from month to month and how much he amazes us with his development.  Here is what Landon is up to...

*wearing size 6 - 9 month clothes (FINALLY!)
*wearing size 3 diapers
*sleeping through the night... woo hoo!  (we are cautiously optimistic that this will stick)  :)
*crawling all over the place!
*pulling up on everything and walking along anything he can hold unto.
*he has stood 2 or 3 times (very briefly) unassisted.
*he loves playing with his toys and gets very excited to come home to them everyday. (he crawls from one toy to the next and just giggles as he plays)
*waves good bye
*loves hearing music and gets excited when songs come on (he moves his arms up and down really fast)
*takes 4 bottles of formula a day
*eats 3 meals of all table food... he won't allow us to feed him (meal time can get a bit messy)
*still loves bath time!
*still has 0 teeth ....  we're hoping we won't be buying dentures ;) ha!
*knows just how to melt mommy and daddy's heart

We are so excited to see what this ninth month will bring.... we love you Landon Jordan!!!
Here are a few pictures of Landon at 9 months!

My best friend, Tara, is an amazing photographer (she's a teacher, but so generously takes Landon's pictures for me).  She did a 9 month photo shoot of Landon last weekend.... here is a sneak peek of her amazing work and our little red head... yep, his hair definitely has a tint of red!  No idea where that came from!  :)  More pictures from the photo shoot coming soon!

Holding pink balloons for his big sister, Paige!
So serious!  "Mom, why am I sitting on this step?"
Love his dangling little feet!!
Happy little guy!