Friday, July 27, 2012

Too Pooped to Pop

Landon has a ton of energy.  He will play and crawl around until his tank is on empty.  And then he is done!  I mean hit the wall, fall over, done!  He cracks me up!  He goes full steam ahead and then just stops and goes to sleep. 

Yesterday he was playing so hard and just refused to take a nap.  I had tried for almost a half hour to get him to go down and he just refused.  I finally agve up and let him play some more.  Not 30 seconds later I turned around and found him like this...

He literally just fell over and went to sleep.

Last week one morning the same thing had happened.  I could tell he was exhausted, so I tried putting him down for a nap.  I put him in his crib, he rolled over, sat straight up and started crying.  Before I could turn around and make the two steps back to the crib he just leaned over and fell asleep.

Landon usually takes his last bottle around 7 pm each night. We then play for a few more minutes, read some books, sing some songs and then he goes to bed. Well on a few occasions we didn't quite get to the books or songs. He was out for the count before he ever finished his bottle.  Tired guy!!!

Finally, on a slightly different note... I posted earlier this week that Landon has started crawling.  Well I don't think he has stopped crawling and climbing since Sunday!  The little man just does NOT stop!  He loves cords, outlets and vents.  He has even already discovered how to get the vent plate off of the floor vents.  Needless to say, Pat and I have been following him around and doing our best to baby proof our house so Landon doesn't get into anything he's not supposed to.  Well, yesterday I walked into the kitchen to put a dish in the sink.  I was out of the room for 10 seconds at the most.  I came back and caught Landon like this....


He looks scared in this picture, but he just sat down and started laughing.  We are in for it!  I love this little man so much!!!!!  I praise Jesus for him everyday!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paige in Hawaii

My friend Jenni and her family went to Hawaii this summer and while they were there they saw some memorials made on the rocks near the ocean. They were so sweet and made one for our Paige! It is absolutely beautiful and I know Paige loves it! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that even a year and a half later our Paige is not forgotten! Thank you Waggoners!!! I love that their 2 little girls helped make this for Paige. My heart smiles just by looking at this picture!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On the Move

Landon has been so close to crawling for some time now. He was getting so frustrated not being able to get where he wanted. He would get up on all fours and rock back and forth but couldn't quite figure out how to move. Then over the weekend it all clicked and he hasn't stopped yet! He is in to everything and just loves exploring! He is definitely keeping Pat and I very busy! Here's a short clip of our little man who is now mobile!

Friday, July 20, 2012

One Year Ago

One year ago today my mom and I (Pat was out of town) walked into Missouri Baptist Hospital to have a level 2 ultrasound.  A few days prior my doctor had done our 20 week ultrasound with Landon.  We found out that we were having a boy, but then were told that something could possibly be wrong with his heart.  After losing Paige the thought of losing a second child was unbearable and I just couldn't handle all the emotions I was feeling.  I remember pleading with God and asking him to make our sweet boy be ok.  Thankfully by His graces our baby boy and his heart were just fine!!!  We left that office that day praising Jesus and we haven't stopped yet!  I am so thankful for our precious Landon and all the love and joy he brings to our lives.  Today, a year later I am so thankful that I can snuggle our healthy baby boy!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Surgery Update

After 5 LONG hours my dads surgery was successful! My dad is cancer free for the first time in over a year! Alleluia!!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers throughout this journey! He has answered them!!! Please keep them coming... Dads recovery has only just begun. His doctor said he would be in a lot of pain for awhile. Poor guy:( as if he hasn't suffered enough. I was at the hospital when dad woke up after surgery and don't worry he was already cracking jokes! Very out of it but cracking jokes! :).

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Prayer for My Dad

Tomorrow (June 12th) at 1:30 my dad is having surgery to have his kidney cancer removed... in reality he's having an entire kidney removed most likely.  We know this surgery is necessary however any type of surgery makes you nervous.  I keep telling myself that after tomorrow my dad will be cancer free for the first time in almost almost a year (probably more but that's when they discovered his lymphoma).  My dad is such a fighter and I am so proud of him and his courage.  Many people would not of been able to handle the fight my dad has put up this last year.  Many people if given the choice would give up.  Not my dad!  He keeps fighting.  With every new hurdle he asks how high to jump.  Every time he gets knocked down he gets right back up and continues on.  My dad is strong!!!  I've never been more proud of anyone in my whole life and the lessons I have learned from him in the past year are far greater than any lesson in the past thirty years! 

Please say a prayer for my dad at 1:30 tomorrow!!! 
I love you dad!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7 Months

Yesterday our sweet little boy turned 7 months old!  We're a day late because yesterday we were helping daddy with basketball camp.  Mr. Landon is getting so big and just cuter by the day!  He's not mobile yet... but I fear it's not too far away! Yikes! :(  Our house is not baby proofed yet.. we best get a move on.  He gets on all fours and rocks and rocks.  Just recently (like in the past two days) he has started to move his arms like he knows they have to move first before his body can move.  Once he figures it out... we are in trouble!  I have a feeling this little boy will never stop!  He has more energy than what he knows what to do with.  This past month has been so much fun because both Pat and I have been able to be home with him during the day and watch his every little move. 

Here are some fun facts about Landon at 7 months:

~He wears size 3 diapers.
~He is still in 6 month clothes but that will soon change.
~He is eating 2 meals of solids a day and taking 4 bottles.
~Sleep... well, sleep is not such a great topic.  We do get some sleep every night, but Landon's sleep is mostly done in his swing.  We can't quite seem to break this bad habit.  We're working on it!
~He is a rolling machine and loves to roll back and forth.
~He sits up by himself with no problems . 
~He is so close to crawling he can taste it!!  He gets onto all fours and tries so hard to make his little limbs go, but then just drops to the floor.  He gets so frustrated!
~He is starting to get a bit attached to mommy and daddy.  If we leave the room or we're out of sight... he gets very upset. 
~He is a babbling machine!!! He must get that from me :)  The kid never stops making noise!  He just has a lot to say!
~He is starting to pull up on things.  He can stand holding onto something for a few seconds but then quickly falls.  I think we may have a few bumps and bruises in our future. ;)
~He is starting to hold his own bottle.  Too precious! 

This has been such a fun month and we can't wait to see what Landon's seventh month will bring!
We love you Landon Jordan!

Here are a few 7 month pictures...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Surgery Update

Well, I guess my dad's surgeon received my letter :)!  HA!  The surgery has been rescheduled for July 12 at 3:00.  So only a day behind schedule.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers ... they helped!!  Please keep the prayers coming as my dad approaches his surgery date.  I have lots to catch up on... but right now I'm too tired to even think.  We have an almost 7 month old who has decided that sleep is way overrated!  We have many middle of the night parties in the Steinhoff household.