Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Although. I can't believe it's already Christmas ... It is!  And now here I sit on Christmas night feeling exhausted but so thankful for my family and friends.   It was another wonderful Christmas and even better with two amazing kids.  Landon is at a great age and could not have been more excited about getting presents and seeing Santa... Not talking too or sitting on his lap just looking!  Mya of course did not understand a thing but was completely thrilled with all the great wrapping paper to crinkle and big boxes to crawl in and out of!  Overall it was great!  My favorite part of Christmas this year was bright and early this morning before Pat or Landon were awake.  Before you read on please know this is my scrapbook, my journal, my heart.   Everything I put on here are memories and moments I never want to forget.  Many will be skeptical of what I am about to share, but it's a moment in my life I never want to forget!  Please read with an open heart ...

At about 7:00 this morning Miss Mya decided she was awake and she was not going back to sleep.   I brought her in bed with me as we listened to Christmas music playing on the TV.  She laid beside me in bed just making sweet, soft cooing noises.  Pat was still sound asleep on my other side and Landon was still dreaming of sugar plums in his own room.  Our bedroom was still very dark because our curtains were closed and our bedroom door was only cracked a sliver not allowing any light from the hallway to shine in. I laid there enjoying the soft music and simply just staring at my sweet little girl.   Clear as day I heard a soft voice say, "mama" and with that our bedroom door opened all the way. I was a little confused as to why the door opened but I sat up and immediately thought it was Landon in the next room waking up and calling for me.  I jumped out of bed and when I got to his room Landon was still fast asleep.  I walked back into our room, cuddled up with Mya, held her tight, and told her that Paige was with us.  I am positive that at that moment I had both my daughters with me.  I've never been more sure of anything in my life.  I could feel her presence.  It wasn't scary or disturbing... It was peaceful and calming.  It was the best feeling.  It was beautiful.  It was the best Christmas present I could have ever received!

I know some will think this is outrageous or just my imagination running wild.  I know what I heard, I know what I saw, and I know what I felt. Paige came home for Christmas... Just for a moment, but a wonderful one.  Thank you sweet girl!  I love you and miss you!  Merry Christmas Paige!

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  1. I believe Paige was there with my whole heart! So happy that you got to have that moment with your girls! Love you! :)