Saturday, January 4, 2014

Glory Day

Today is Paige's Glory day!  Ugh!  We call it a glory day because it's the day she met Jesus.  The selfish momma in me hates this day.   On one hand Paige was relieved from her pain and her many illnesses and cancer, but on the other hand she was stripped from a lifetime of love here with us.   I know she is happy and healthy now and that's exactly why Pat and I made the heart wrenching decisions we did three years ago.  

I like to picture Paige dancing and singing.  I just know she was full of spunk and energy.  I carried her for almost nine full months and the girl never stopped moving!  I'm sure she plays dress up and puts on little shows for her great grandparents in Heaven.  It's these kind of images that get me through.  I love day dreaming about her and I try to picture what she looks like and what her voice sounds like.  I know she is absolutely gorgeous...  I laugh when I think about her voice because I imagine it to be very high pitched and girly.  Love it!  

Paige Jordan, we love and miss you more than we ever thought possible!  Happy glory day baby!!

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